I have read the CYS Youth Sports Philosophy, Code of Conduct and Rules and agree to be governed by these policies, procedures, regulations, and rules. I am fully aware of my responsibilities as outlined in the CYS Youth Sports Philosophy, Code of Conduct and Rules.

I will strive to behave in manner consistent with CYS Youth Sports philosophy:

A common philosophy of CYS Youth Sports must be understood and practiced by all adult leaders, administration, coaches, parents and officials to avoid confusion, disagreement and confrontations. By understanding a common philosophy, everyone can work together to meet the needs of the youth involved.

Beyond the written rule there is a proper spirit in which to engage in competitive sports. Fair play and sportsmanship are the essence of CYS Youth Sports. Participation alone does not guarantee sportsmanlike attitudes and values such as honesty, fair play and citizenship. Coaches, parents and adult leaders must be role models and explain why these behaviors are appropriate.

Winning is an important objective in sports. To not seek victory is to be a dishonest competitor; but winning must not be the only objective. Adults must help athletes understand that there is more to sports than a win/loss record. Youth must be taught that success is found in striving for victory.

The most important concept is that if they give their maximum effort and strive for success, there are no losers. When winning is kept in perspective, the youth first and winning second, sports programs produce youth who feel good about themselves, respect others, accept responsibilities, strive for excellence, improve skills, have fun and look forward to future participation in sports.