Catholic Youth Soccer serves the needs of all youth, enabling the gifted to excel and the less gifted to participate and improve. “Star” athletes and teams do not receive exclusive attention but are taught the values of sharing the spotlight and enabling their teammates to fully participate, sharpen their skills and experience a healthy pride and self-worth that athletic improvement and success can bring.

Principles of fair play and sportsmanship must govern every game. Dishonesty has no place in Catholic Youth Soccer competition. Catholic Youth Soccer competitors must not borrow from professional sports questionable techniques for winning at any cost. All participants should have the respect of others on their own team and the opposing team. Competitors should regard the opposition as friends, not enemies.

Catholic Youth Soccer participants should have a spirit of loyalty to Christ, to the assembly of believers we call family, coach, and team. They should learn patience with and tolerance of those of less ability. They should show gratitude to all who work and sacrifice to make the Catholic Youth Soccer program a dynamic part of parish life. In speech and action, they should witness to Christ, reflect gospel values and, above all, exemplify the love of God, the peace of Christ and the joy of the Holy Spirit.

At times, during the heat of competition, a participant may temporarily forget some rule of conduct. Prompt correction can turn even failures into learning experiences.

Ultimate responsibility for the success of the Catholic Youth Soccer lies with the volunteer adult participants. Adults involved in Catholic Youth Soccer must remember that the program exists for the Christian growth of young people. Conduct of adults must always model Christian values and virtues. When adults forget the primary focus of Catholic Youth Soccer, the program becomes destructive. When adults remain faithful to the Christian ideals of Catholic Youth Soccer, they exercise a unique and rewarding ministry to the young with whom they come in contact.

Catholic Youth Soccer is not about building dynasties to decimate the weak. Each year, our staff work diligently to create teams that are equal in playing ability. Teams that win championships are broken up and players are placed on other teams with the goal of keeping teams competitive.