In June 2012, the Our Lady of the Rosary Youth Sports ministry (OLOR-Youth-Sports) was founded by Patrick Poland. The sports program was created to allow the youth the ability to play in a soccer league, based on Catholic principles that reinforce sound Christian, human and social values. The league has always been open to Catholic and non-Catholic youth with recreational and athletic opportunities to develop moral, spiritual, mental, physical and social skills, as well as fostering parish unity and forging and deepening the bonds of friendship among both youth and adult participants.

Although OLOR-Youth-Sports primarily provides activities of a social, cultural and recreational nature, prayer and Catholic spirituality are part and parcel of who we are. From this awareness, athletes, coaches and volunteers will be encouraged to use their God-given talents not only in the pursuit of athletic excellence but in service to one another and to the larger church and civic communities of the league.

In the winter of 2019, the Central Florida Deanery of the Diocese of St Petersburg voted to expand community outreach through sports as an opportunity to build community. The Our Lady of the Rosary youth sports model was used to roll out to 10 churches in the Central Florida Deanery. In an effort to capture a brand name that can be utilized for the Central Florida Deanery or even possibly the Diocese of St Petersburg, the Our Lady of the Rosary Youth Sports program was rebranded as Catholic Youth Sports of the Diocese of St Petersburg.

As the Catholic Youth Sports program evolved, Catholic Youth Sports League, Inc was created as a into a non profit organization to better serve the community of athletes in the summer of 2021. No matter the name of the organization, CYS has provided the youth an opportunity to play soccer in a Christian environment and at a cost that affordable to all families. There have been over 10,000 participants who have played during the 20 plus seasons.