Competitive Teams FAQ's

Competitive Teams


We include ALL costs upfront. Our goal is to make the cost affordable for families. Our projected cost for the season is $1,100 or less. This total would include player registration, all gear (practice uniforms, game uniforms, backpack, warm-up), and 12 tournaments. The following is a breakdown of costs:

Player Registration and Uniform – $600 for new players and $400 for returning players

Tournament Cost – Projected at $600 for 12 tournaments. This cost may vary by team participation in tournaments. Your team manager will have more information for you.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Patrick Poland at If you need to speak with him immediately, call or text 813-484-8621.

Do I have to pay it all at once?

Only the registration fee is due to reserve a spot on the team.  The tournament fees will be collected on a monthly payment schedule.

How often do you play?

Teams will be scheduled to practice twice a week and attempt to play in one tournament a month (this is all based on tournament availability).

My child has other activities, is that a problem?

We encourage our athletes to get involved in other areas.  Well-rounded athletes are healthier and less prone to injuries from constant use of the same muscles.  By not playing a league season, and only doing tournaments, the schedule is more flexible to accommodate your child’s other activities.  Check with your coach regarding practice nights however so that you can best determine if your schedule can balance.

My child has never played soccer before. Can he/she play?

Tryouts are open to all, you have nothing to lose by coming to tryouts.  If your child’s skill level is not yet at the level to make one of our tournament teams, you can still sign up for our recreational league which has two seasons: fall and winter.  If any of our tournament teams find themselves in need of a guest player for a tournament during the year, we may look to our recreational players to fill in just for the weekend.

I see that your program is “Catholic” Youth Soccer and based at a church. My family is not Catholic, to what extent will my child be exposed to religious aspects or expected to participate in religious activities during this program?

We have prayer before and after every practice and game.