In the U4 and U6 Divisions, it is highly recommended that the coach be on the field.All other divisions must be coached from the sideline.

While unfortunate, the occurrence of a lopsided score does not necessarily mean that a lack of sportsmanship took place. Representatives of CYS Youth Sports will use the online forms and communication with the involved coaches to review the circumstances and determine if any sanctions are warranted.

  • 4+ GOAL VICTORY – Any game that is won by 4 or more goals in any division will be investigated and reviewed by the committee. It is expected that the winning and losing coach, in particular, will make themselves available for discussing the game so as to expedite the decision making process.
    • FORMS – Both the winning coach and the losing coach are required to submit a form which describes which measures were utilized to mitigate the talent differential between the teams. Forms must be submitted to the Sports Director via email as soon as possible. The Sports Director will personally contact each coach to understand the circumstances.
    • CONSEQUENCES – Disciplinary action toward the winning coach may result (suspension of the coach for the next game, or in the case of repeat violations, suspension for the remainder of the season).
      • NOTE: A coach who is suspended from coaching a team by CYS Sports Director is not eligible to be present as a fan for that CYS Youth Sports event.


Both teams and their coaches will meet at mid-field to recite the “CYS Youth Sports Prayer”.

God, as we prepare to compete in this athletic contest,we ask your help and blessing that we may compete to the best of our abilities and with a true spirit of sportsmanship so that our efforts give greater glory to You, our Creator. We ask that you protect us from injury and help us remember that our opponents are our brothers and sisters who are also under your guidance.For this we pray, Amen.


Both teams and their coaches will meet at mid-field to recite the “CYS Youth Sports Prayer”.

Lord, we thank you for the opportunity and challenge of this game. You call us to compete well, finish the race and grow in our faith! Help us to remember we can do all things through You, who gives us strength. Amen.